Super Admin™ Module

Super Admin

Super Admins™ can create and configure enterprise-wide settings for Institutions and core facilities. They can:

  • Create and configure multiple User Roles such as Institution Admins™, Financial Admins, Facility Admins, Lab Admins, Principal Investigators (PIs)/ Group Leaders, PI/ Group Leader Substitutes, External, and Corporate users.
  • Configure Institution-wide complex global and core facility specific rules.
  • Generate exhaustive reports across multiple institutions, core facilities, labs, projects, user roles and labs.
  • Generate Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) reports for Comprehensive Cancer Centers.
  • Configure and setup multiple institutions and enterprise-wide settings
  • Maintain and delegate institution, facility, lab, and user framework

The Super Admin™ has complete control over all settings, configurations, rules, and applications for multiple institutions and facilities. Typically, the role is provided to a high-level manager who will oversee all functionality and operations.