Why Choose Idea Elan?

1 Ideas and Innovation

Ideas and Innovation are the driving force for Idea Elan’s success. Every year we release globally innovative modules such as Super Admin™, Actual Usage Tracker™, Intelligent Instrument Tracker, “I want to…” search tool, etc.

2 Robust and Configurable Software

  • Customers enjoy a stunning UIX and flexible workflows with the excellent flexibility.
  • Scalability of our software is the key since we can have any number of users using the system at the same time without disruption to system performance.
  • Please visit our Modules to learn more

3 Support and Service

  • Idea Elan utilizes both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosting model and also the Installed software model. We are flexible based on customer requirements.
  • Idea Elan provides unlimited support directly to all the roles of an Institution including the end users.
  • We continuously improve value and functionality for our customers by developing on-going system upgrades and enhancements with minimal interruption and downtime.
  • Extensive experience allows for rapid and smooth deployment, including integrations with other institutional systems.
  • A dedicated implementation team works closely with each customer for a quick rollout

4 Stability

  • Idea Elan has a 5 yrs of experience with thousands of researchers and hundreds of core facilities world-wide
  • We have customers worldwide
  • We enjoy a positive cash flow
  • We offer both SaaS and Installed model solutions

5 Expertise

  • Idea Elan was founded by a Scientist and a Core Facility Manager
  • Idea Elan is unique in coming up with new innovative ideas and we truly listen to our customers before a new release.
  • Idea Elan works exclusively with non-profit research institutions such as medical schools, hospitals, cancer centers, and research universities